Our early stage drug discovery Contract  Research Organization (CRO) division is located in a brand new, state-of-the-art laboratory and offers MALDI TOF Mass Spectrometry (MS), Assay Development, High Throughput Screening, and Lead Optimization.

We specialize in developing robust, novel assays, especially utilizing the features of the MALDI-MS which, as a soft ionization technique, offers accurate, fast, label-free analysis of many biomolecules including proteins, peptides, lipids, and oligonucleotides.

Choose from a broad selection of biochemical and cellular method assay development, including:

covalent inhibitor studies

3D cellular assays, such as spheroids and organoids

cellular microscopy




compound profiling


Western Blots

We will assist you in determining the most appropriate analysis platform for your target and goals.

Revolution Biosciences follows CDC and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Covid-19 best practices. As all meetings are geared to the particular needs of each client, we offer telephone and video conferences, and can arrange in-laboratory conferences if required.