Brian Healey, President and Scientific Director

Dr. Brian Healey was previously employed by Merck Serono and EMD Serono as the “Director of Kinase Innovation”, “Director of Lead Discovery”, and “Global Head of Compound Logistics”. He is an experienced leader in the bio-/pharmaceutical industry with success identifying and implementing novel solutions to all areas of Drug Discovery. He strives to impact the delivery of break-through medicines to patients by bringing innovative technologies and processes to bear on the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry.

Brian has 24 years of experience in the bio-/pharmaceutical industry. In addition to working for EMD Serono and then Merck Serono after the two companies merged, he was previously employed by Bristol-Myers Squibb as a “Lead of Automation and Instrument Technologies”. He earned his PHD from Tufts University in Analytical Chemistry.

Brian founded Revolution Biosciences soon after leaving EMD Serono in January 2015. His goal is to pursue solutions to core problems concerning cancer research that have not been adequately explored, both globally and in his previous work experiences.